10/8 Pajama Story Night!!

Date: October 8, 2021

Time: 7 pm - 8 pm

Tonight's session of Pajama Story Night was an eventful one!

We had a total of 15 participants.

The night started off with a short excerpt about Henry Ford from “100 people who changed the world” by Life Magazine.

We read 2 chapters, chapters 10 & 11, of "The Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen. We had a few volunteer readers today: Melody, Oliver, Noah, Evelyn, Olivia, Teresa, Zydon, and Alice.

Afterward, Melody talked to us about memorization techniques. Her techniques can be applied to study vocabulary words, chronology tests, and much more! She suggested using flashcards and put lots of emphasis on repetition. Repetition makes a difference; especially writing things down every day. Another tip she talked about was Classical conversations. Basically making up tunes/songs for what you need to memorize. They help because songs are easy to get stuck in your head for longer periods of time.

Some things she's memorized are all the presidents by their last names, the bill of rights, bible chapters, and the US states & capitals. How impressive! She was able to list the capitals of all the random states in the US we threw at her!

Please feel free to check out her presentation: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/play/H7beyD9E6XQOpbuSFe7S8j4uOh-DmIiQL6KuzaluNNDOjYSAAmljg60plnqy7_grKl1J5mDRcpGrtG8.Mh-yaWnjwPWrM9Xg?continueMode=true&_x_zm_rtaid=sF-F-ORNSsOWcaFdnF1law.1633810938229.71954ac850c9f3f67e658cd0ca5cfbb1&_x_zm_rhtaid=505

Finally, we took time, in the end, to look over all the amazing projects submitted to the People’s Choice Award Showcase! CHEER’s very own pajama night team submitted a video! Please check it out and vote! https://sites.google.com/nclacademy.org/showcase2021/peoples-choice

All in all, tonight's pajama story night was very eventful and busy, but we all learned so much!! We hope to see everyone next week! We'd love to have more people join us, all are welcome!

p.s. participants! feel free to wear your pajamas and bring your favorite stuffed animals to story night :)

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