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2021 CHEER Award Ceremony Agenda

2021 CHEER Ceremony Agenda Time: Sunday Sep 19th 3pm (organizers be there at 2:30pm) Location: Northridge Recreation Center (grass area close to devonshire police department) 18300 Lemarsh St, Northridge, CA 91324 Host: Arron and Teresa Activity Report: Owen Agenda:

  1. Pass T-shirts to members and ask them to chang (Kevin, Owen)

  2. Announce the start of the award ceremony(Teresa and Aaron)

  3. Annual briefing of youth group activities ( Owen)

  4. Summarize the PVSA applicants for the year of 2021 (Aaron)

  5. Announce each group and invite advisor to present award to each group (Arron and Teresa, call students in as a small group) Each student prepare 30 seconds speech to give a summary of what they have done in last year and plan for next year Note: As Ms Ding only have half an hour, we will present adult award when she showed up, and award for Logo project(Ding and Wu Jun)

  6. Sort out the medals and reward and pass them to adult advisors so they give to each students (Kevin, Owen)

  7. New members introduce themselves: Kevin Chua, Anqi, and whoever didn’t apply for the award.

  8. Fun break time (soccer, football and so on, Arthur lead the soccer, please volunteer to lead a fun game)

  9. Cake cutting and mooncake sharing after the award. Each student/kid can take home a mooncake. (36 in total)

  10. Cleaning team clean the park

Leo and Jerry: photographers, video editor.

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