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ACS-YA Youth Cancer Health Annual Conference

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Date: September 18th

Time: 1-4 PM

The ACS-YA Youth Cancer Health Annual Conference on September 18th, 2021, was a great success! Not only was it very informative, but also it was fun – everyone loved the Kahoot!

First of all, Alicia Lin talked about:

1. Advocacy through education, training, and participation

2. Prevention of cancer through education and support

3. Knowledge and resources to spread cancer awareness and prevention

After the Multimedia Contest showing, Mr. Whitzling from the American Cancer Society discussed a significant decrease (90%) in cancer screenings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although early detection is the best time to yield positive health results, screening disparities have increased for people with greater social or economic barriers, e.g., African American women with breast cancer. Also, people losing jobs are at higher risk of losing healthcare. Plus, there are issues with medical mistrust, access to care, etc.

ACS is responding with leading health systems, addressing social challenges to improve health care, health equity, and health outcomes. However, although issues such as mental health are being addressed, challenges with the new system, processes, and protocols remain.

We went over the Youth Ambassadors Mission: Offering opportunities for top middle/high school students, college students, teachers, youth leaders, and youth professionals to serve as leaders in raising awareness and support for cutting-edge cancer research, patient programs, and cancer health education.

Our panelist discussed the importance of the HPV vaccine and the COVID vaccine, and tobacco prevention and cessation. Moreover, our panelist explained research done that strongly linked smoking and resulting conditions like cancer to the locations of shops specializing in selling tobacco and nicotine products.

Dr. Hsu gave an excellent talk in Healthcare Careers. She discussed the pathway to become a doctor, including typical courses required. Dr. Hsu also discussed the importance of medical research and volunteering and the long journey of Medical School, Residency, and Fellowship. Thank you, Dr. Hsu for taking the time to provide us with insight into the pathway!

I encourage all high school students interested in healthcare careers to join the American Cancer Society and become a Youth Ambassador!

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