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CHEER x CYI Speech Session 5

Date: November 13, 2021

Time: 9:00 - 11:00 AM

Location: Zoom

Today marked the end of our CHEER x CYI speech lecture sessions! We started off with an engaging activity where mentors played the student's favorite songs. The songs included Never Gonna Give you up (Rick Astley), Blinding lights (The Weeknd), Star Sky (Two steps from hell), etc.

Next, Professor Gonzalez presented us with fascinating information on symbols and hidden meaning. One of my personal favorite quotes was, "What we see is not what it seems, or is it?". During this presentation, we analyzed the student's favorite songs that were previously played in the beginning of the session. We found out that many of the pieces of music we listened to pertained to love, joy, or even sadness. We even explored complex songs such as Blinding Lights that had mixed messages because of the fast upbeat pace, but sad and lonely lyrics.

Our 2nd lecture was taught by mentor Gracie Malone! In this lecture, Gracie taught about audience analyzation! We explored the 6 key factors we should consider when talking to an audience: Size, Setting, Demographic, Knowledge on topic, Attitude, and Rating. Here is an example:

When the audience is a small group, we should use:

- Informal language

- Leveled

- Common language

When the audience is a large group, we should use:

- Formal language

- Elevated

- Professional/Academic Language

Shawn was an especially brilliant student today! He participated in all the activities and gave us his own insight and understanding of topics such as audience attitude, size, and setting! Keep it up Shawn!

Everyone, be sure to join our session next week on saturday!

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