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Date: June 13th, 2022

Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

What a way to kickstart the summer for CHEER! Today's first day of STEAM Camp was filled to the brim with fun and engaging activities!

Session 1: Game time, hosted by Boheng and Albert, consisted of the children playing together and having a blast! In this time, the children introduced themselves to each other and got to know each other!

Session 2: Science in a bag was where the real fun began! The participants got the chance to learn about cool science experiments such as optical illusions, knee jerk reflex, cartesian diver, and pendulums from Connor, Olivia, Albert, and Boheng! Everyone was so engaged and they all wanted to volunteer to participate in the experiments!

Session 3: After a fun hour of science experiments, the kids got to take a break and relax their minds by making arts and crafts with Connor and Olivia! Today, they made the crane and the origami star! Some of the kids made such beautiful crafts, even I was amazed!

Session 4: To end off our 1st day with a blast, Benjamin and Ian gave the kids a look at a rocket model and taught them about rocketry! Many of them were amazed that even high schoolers could create model rockets! Some students looked forward very much to this session and they were very impressed by the rocket!

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