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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Date: June 16th, 2022

Time: 1-5 PM

The last day of the CHEER x PALS STEAM Camp was filled with exciting moments and ended with a bang! It was sad to see everybody leave but we had fun until our last moments together!

Session 1: Game time had everyone holding their breath when we played Jenga. A few times, the entire structure would collapse down on the ground and have everybody laughing! This was a fun session to start the day off!

Session 2: Today was by far one of the most interesting days for science in a bag! We had four wonderful experiments consisting of: Polishing pennies, fitting through an index card, demonstrating surface tension with pepper and soap, and floating fingers. Could you believe that the kids managed to find a way to fit our teacher Ian through a small index card? Wow!

Session 3: The kids took a break after science in a bag and went outside to the PALS playground! There, they played basketball, played on the playground, and just relaxed for a while! Afterwards, they were handed gifts by our wonderful CHEER parents who brought fans and Pokémon figures!

Session 4: What better way to end off the STEAM Camp then with robotics and rocketry? Ian and Elizabeth once again demonstrated rocket science to the students and many of them were very interested!

Overall, I can say that I personally had a great time at this camp and I am sure that the kids did to!

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