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Circuits and Environmental Science Class at LAPD PALS (12/19/23)

CHEER Volunteers: Hannah, Jerry, Sophia, Karen

Written by Hannah Yang

Our activity was hosted on a rainy day, so when the volunteers came in, all of the kids were excited to see us! We first brought out snap circuit kits to introduce to the kids. A volunteer was assigned to one or two kids. We have 10+ kids sitting down at the table and more kids want to join. The volunteers helped them get started by doing basic projects like lighting up a small LED by connecting it with a couple of wires, batteries, and a switch. Then, the kids were given free rein to explore what they wanted. Many of them began to do more difficult projects, such as the Flying Saucer or the Musical Doorbell, and the volunteers were able to assist and encourage them throughout the process.

After 45 minutes of playing with the circuits, the Environmental Leadership Club from North Hollywood High School came and taught the kids the importance of recycling and how throwing out trash can harm our world. They discussed the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and other large problems and encouraged the kids to participate through Hi-Chews. After the presentation, a drawing activity was set up so kids could express the importance of protecting the environment. It was a fun and eventful day, and many of the volunteers were able to connect with the kids!

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