Interview with Professor Chow

Updated: Jul 4

An exciting interview with Professor Chow will take place on July 11th from 3-4 p.m. Professor Chow is one of the co-founders and current vice chair of CEC (Cultural Enrichment Coalition). The Cultural Enrichment Coalition (CEC) 健華社, a California non-profit charitable organization, was chartered in 2009 and granted the IRS exemption status of 501(c)(3)[1].

CEC built and established more than 150 libraries throughout China for the areas in need of educational improvement in the last 20 years. Our purpose of this interview is to learn from Professor Chow's experience in establishing libraries and helping his community. Professor Chow generously agreed to an interview with the members of CHEER to discuss the process and how he and his team managed to create libraries throughout China.

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