Justin & Cathy Cooking Class for SFV NBHD Kids 第二期

第二期Justin & Cathy baking class
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Justin & Cathy Cooking Class for SFV NBHD Kids

第二期第一节课 Second Season First Lesson 猫耳朵曲奇 Two-tone cookies

主料: Ingredients:

低筋面粉: 200 克 (400ml) Cake Flour: 200g (400ml)

盐:1 克 (1/8 小勺) Salt: 1g (1/8 tsp.) 泡打粉:8 克( 1 大勺) Baking Powder: 8g ( 1 tbsp.) 细砂糖:60 克(5 大勺) Sugar: 60g (5 TBSP.)

奶油:120ml Heavy Cream: 120ml

无糖可可粉或者新鲜抹茶粉 15ml Unsweetened Cocoa Powder or Fresh Matcha Powder 15ml

Ø 烤制: 320 华氏度 15-20 分钟 Baked: 320 degrees for 15-20 minutes

主要工具: Main tools: 保鲜膜 Plastic wrap 大号保鲜袋 Large Zipper Freezer Bag 锋利刀具 Knives 擀面杖 Rolling pin 大碗 Big Bowl


Justin & Cathy Cooking Class for SFV NBHD Kids

第二期第二节课 Second Season Second Lesson 水果班戟 Hong Kong Style Fruit Pancake

主料: Ingredients: 牛奶 250g Milk 250g 白砂糖 35g White sugar 35g (1/3 Cup) 低粉 80g Cake Flour 80g (2/3Cup) 鸡蛋 2 个 2 Eggs 融化黄油 15g Melted Butter 15g

Ø 无需烤箱,需要炉台 No oven required, stove required

馅料 Filling

芒果切块(草莓也可以) Diced mango (strawberry is also acceptable)

奶油 150ml Heavy Cream 150ml 白砂糖 20g Sugar 20g

主要工具: Main tools:

面粉筛子 和 2 个大碗 Flour sieve and 2 large bowls 小号不粘平底煎锅 Small non-stick frying pan

电动打蛋器 Electric mixer


Justin & Cathy Cooking Class for SFV NBHD Kids

第二期第三节课 Second Season Third Lesson 鸡肉通心粉芝士派 Chicken Macaroni Cheese Pie

面皮主料: Pie Skin Ingredients: 中筋面粉 120ML All-purpose flour ½ Cup 小苏打 2.5ml Baking Soda ½ Tsp 玉米油 15ML Corn Oil 1 Tbsps.

牛奶 30ML Milk 2 Tbsps. 鸡蛋一个 1 Egg 盐少许 Salt 1 Pinch

馅料 Filling

Cream 罐头一个 1 Canned Cream 煮熟的通心粉 Cooked Macaroni 芝士若干 Blend Cheese 牛奶小半杯 Half a glass of milk

蔬菜(例如玉米青豆) Vegetables (Corn and Green Peas)

黄油一小块 Small pieces of Butter


Cooked Ground chicken breasts (pre-marinated with a small amount of salt and black pepper) or Small pieces of ham

Ø 340 华氏度(约摄氏度),烤 18 分钟左右或者到面片变得金黄就可以出炉了

主要工具: Main tools:

大碗 Big Bowl 擀面杖 Rolling pin

小号烘焙瓷碗 Small Baking Porcelain Bowl ==============================================

Justin & Cathy Cooking Class for SFV NBHD Kids

第二期第四节课 Second Season Fourth Lesson 草莓酥饼 Strawberry Shortcake

主料: Ingredients:

低筋面粉 2 杯(500ml) Cake flour 2 cup *白糖 2+1 汤勺(45ml) *Sugar 2+1 tbsp. 泡打粉 2 茶匙(10ml) Baking Powder 2 tsp. 盐¼茶匙(1.25m) Salt ¼ tsp. 融化黄油 80ml Melted Butter 1/3 cup.

牛奶 160ml Milk 160ml

*白糖 2 汤勺混合在面团里面,1 汤勺留着撒面团表.

*2 Tbsp. of sugar are mixed in the dough,

1 Tbsp is left to sprinkle the surface of the dough

Ø 400 华氏度烤 20 分钟,400 degrees for 20 minutes

辅料: Topping

奶油 Cream1 杯半(350ml) Heavy cream 1½ cup

白糖 1/2 杯(30ml) Sugar1/2 Cup


Half a pound of strawberries, cut into small pieces and mix well with ¼ cup (60ml) of white sugar (the white sugar should be completely melted).

主要工具: Main tools:

面粉筛子和大碗 Flour sieve and big bowl

小号烤盘 Small baking tray 电动打蛋器 Electric mixer 锋利的刀 Knives

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