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November Clean-Ups Recap

In recent weeks our CHEER Group participated in 2 clean-up events. The CHEER Group cleaned up the Limekiln Canyon Trail and also helped the VCC organization clean up the area around Granada Hills Charter High School. We are incredibly grateful for the families that joined us in these clean-ups.

On November 12, we recycled many bottles and cans, which added up to $123.44, which would help fund our CHEER Group. Afterward, the group took a short walk to the Limekiln Canyon Trail and picked up any trash they saw on the sidewalk. We spent about 2 hours picking up most of the trash that littered the Limekiln Canyon Trail.

Our total of $123.44 was the most money we have ever raised by recycling bottles and cans. Thank you to all the families that contributed to this accomplishment!!!

Another thank you to everyone for helping make this clean-up successful and efficient!! We could not have done it without you.

More pictures of our clean-up of Limekiln Canyon on November 12.

Just last weekend on Sunday, November 20, a group of CHEER volunteers joined the VCC organization in a clean-up event around Granada Hills Charter High School. Thank you to the 18 participants that joined us on Sunday. We cleaned major streets including Zelzah and Devonshire.

Here are pictures of our CHEER volunteers helping clean the streets near Granada Hills Charter High School.

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