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  • Fundraising: Joey Li, a high school senior, facilitated a Red Envelope financial support activity, of which proceeds (more than $160) were donated to children in Wuhan who lost their parents and emergency medical workers.
    Shalin Qian, Angelique Guan, and Teresa Gu also contributed to the fundraising effort via a baking sale, simultaneously supporting the local community and essential workers. A sum of $60 was ultimately donated to the Henry Mayo hospital. Following the event, Angelique shared her experience in cake baking within a Zoom videoconference and Shalin began teaching drawing classes.


  • Donations: Ariana and Angelina hosted a Zoom event, teaching how to sew face masks. The masks that they ultimately produced, numbering in the many dozen, were distributed to a Kaiser hospital and the Beverly Community Hospital.
    Arthur Sun is participating, under the mentorship of CSUN professor Li Bingbing, in a 3-D printing facial shield manufacturing project.
    Several community families are also collaborating to fold origami stars for the benefit of frontline healthcare workers.


  • Community education: Patrick Li periodically publishes graphs in our WeChat group that document the spread of COVID-19.
    Justin Koo and Linda both have created informative YouTube videos on COVID-19 precautions, which can be found here and here, respectively. The former was a recipient of the Young Creative Artists Award.
    Arthur Sun and Benjamin Sun collaborated to prepare a Zoom videoconferencing lecture on the modes of COVID-19 transmission, COVID-19 prevalence in the general population, and COVID-19 preventation. A synopsis can be found here.

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