We openly accept monetary contributions in supporting our objectives of community betterment. All proceeds will be used to support community- and family-oriented events, including classes and interviews, in addition to our volunteering program. Financial donations can be made in any of the following ways:

1. PayPal, which should be directed to the email address at with "friends and family" as payment type
2. Credit cards through PayPal Service (with a 9% fee to PayPal)
3. Check to "CHEER"
4. We accept small amount cash donation too. For example, the recycling bottle day cash donation.  

A receipt will be delivered to your email following a successful donation. Donations are tax-deductable. For reference purposes, our nonprofit organization is associated with the following:

EIN: released to donors on-demand 
NPOconnect Nonprofit Platform registration ID:  854044161 
Amgen Foundation nomination ID: 15752379

You can also shop at AmazonSmile here to support CHEER. Thank you so much for your generosity!