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We host Zoom interviews of experienced high-school and college students to provide advice for a productive and successful experience in school. We discuss class selection, work ethics, extracurriculars, college applications, school environment, and standardized testing. Recordings of past meetings and additional content such as flyers are available on our Youtube channel and blog. All times are in PST/PDT. Meetings for which relevant information is not provided are private and only distributed to our members via our mailing list and Wechat.

Interview Guideline 



Flyers and documents

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Copy of Larana University (1).png
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High Schools in the San Fernando Valley (Part 1): Video

Mosquitoes in the San Fernando Valley: Presentation, Audio

High Schools in the San Fernando Valley (Part 2): Audio

Middle Schools in the San Fernando Valley: Audio

Interview with Jennifer Yu: Audio

Interview Registration

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Post-interview recordings and content

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