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In total we have raised $781 from 31 donors. After paying the fee of 38.23 dollars to gofundme, we raised a total of $748.74. Many thanks for the parent who helped us to round it up to $750. The $750 is splits between four fire stations:

1. Devonshire Fire Station ( E107): $150 2. Granada Hill Fire Station (E87) : $225 3. Granada Hill Fire Station (E18, with 18 members) : $175

4. Simi Valley/Wood Ranch Fire Station (VC#44, with 21 members): $200

Here is the program for the talent show.


  1. Angela Yang, Jerry Yang, Hannah Yang - Chinese Poem

  2. Benjamin Sun- Allegro Brillante with Violin

  3. Angelina Wang- Indian dance

  4. Charlotte Warren- Bach Menuet in D minor with Piano

  5. Hannah Yang - The Swallow with piano

  6. Jerry Yang - Avengers Theme Song with Saxophone

  7. Aaron Liu- Mozart Adagio in E Major with Violin

  8. Albert Zheng- The story of Dongpo Shu (苏东坡的故事)

  9. Gianna Zhang- Nocturne in c minor with Piano

  10. Michelle Wang -Song and Dance

  11. Teresa Gu - You Raise Me Up with Clarinet

  12. Nathan Wang- Descendants of dragon with Violin

  13. Trevor Trinh- Nocturne in Autumn Palace with Guzheng

  14. May Wu’s Cockatoo Dada - Dance

Screenshot 2020-12-11 200851.png

During the Thanksgiving week, we visited four fire stations with gift cards, letters, and drawings prepared especially for the fire fighters:

1. Devonshire Fire Station (#107, 11/23), a few CHEER members (Justin Koo, Angela Yang, Jerry Yang, Hannah Yang) delivered $150 worth of In-N-Out gift cards and artwork to the firefighters there.

2. Granada Hills (station #87, 11/25) In n Out gift cards and art works were delivered by Arthur Sun, Benjamin Sun and Angelica Wang, together with parents.

3. Granada Hills (Station #18, 11/26) Zydon, Jack, Aaron and Max visited the fire station and dropped gift cards, letters and paintings to the fire fighters.

4. Simi Valley/Woodranch (VC#44, 11/27) Owen and Shanlin visited the fire station and dropped gift cards from Starbucks for them. They were given a short tour of the garage where they got to see the 35-foot long fire engine.

Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 4.57.22 PM.png
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