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CHEER collaborates with LAPD Devonshire Pals on different events: annual Toy Drive at PALS, Halloween Party at PALS, winter and summer STEAM Fair at PALS. 
CHEER Contact: Lisa Guo and Holly Wang

CHEER collaborates with Operation Gratitude through donating bracelet, making cards and involved into different onsite events. 
CHEER contact: Luyi Li


CHEER collaborates with Overdue by joining the LA river cleanup monthly events. Events usually falls in the 4th Sunday each month in LA river next to Balboa park. Events details will be posted in CHEER Meetup group. 
CHEER Contact: Lily Ye

Volunteers Cleaning Communities

CHEER collaborates with VCC by joining the block cleanup events in the valley and other activities.  
CHEER Contact: Lan Zheng

Partnership with SFVRM is currently underdevelopment. We encourage CHEER families to contact SFVRM as a family group at this moment. 
Volunteer needed: weekday babysitter and kitchen helpers. 

CHEER collaborates with MBCSFV on Lunar New Year celebration, movie night and other events. 
CHEER Contact: Luyi Li 

TZU CHI Northridge Office

CHEER collaborates with Tzu Chi foundation Northridge office  on community classes (dance and Tai Chi) and pandemic fundraising. 
CHEER Contact: Wendy Shen and Holly Wang

Silicon Valley Stem for Youth

CHEER collaborates with Silicon Valley STEM for Youth through SVSY annual STEM Zoom camps. 
CHEER Contact: Holly Wang

United Chinese Americans (UCA)'s Next Generation Programs collaborate regularly with CHEER via their summer youth leader program, which features invaluable opportunities for lessons from prestigious civic leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs.
CHEER Contact: Yi Ding

Promoting constructive intercultural dialogue, the CSUN China Institute aims to improve Sino-American relations and foster mutual cultural understanding. Lecture series, cultural exhibitions, student exchanges, and publication programs all serve to support the Institute's objective of racial equity and reconciliation for historical injustices.

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