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Promoting constructive intercultural dialogue, the CSUN China Institute aims to improve Sino-American relations and foster mutual cultural understanding. Lecture series, cultural exhibitions, student exchanges, and publication programs all serve to support the Institute's objective of racial equity and reconciliation for historical injustices.

Rally in the Valley is an annual robotic event hosted by a group of educators on CSUN campus, targeting socioeconomically or ethnically   disadvantaged students.

Lead with Purpose Foundation's Bridging the Gap project aims to reduce disparities between Chinese and American cultural values via educational initiatives and community activites.

United Chinese Americans (UCA)'s Next Generation Programs collaborate regularly with CHEER via their summer youth leader program, which features invaluable opportunities for lessons from prestigious civic leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs.

CHEER collaborates with Silicon Valley STEM for Youth through student interviews, parents discussion panel and science programs targeting our local community, including most notably our 2022 online courses.  

The Yellow Whistle Program is an AAPI empowerment program aimed at combating and minimizing the effects of xenophobia against communities of color. Encouraging civil engagement, the Yellow Whistle promotes anti-racism and a sense of mutual belonging for individuals of all ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic affiliations.

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