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2021 Chinese New Year

CHEER Youth Group and  teamed up and co-hosted 2021 Chinese New Year event.
Date/Time: Feb 12th, 2021, Friday at 6PM

Event Video Recording 


Event Summary and Report:

Event Feedback


Performance List

Chinese Culture Presentation: Zydon & Albert

- Zodiac/Ox

- Dragon Dance

- Nian Story

- Red Envelopes


Long Sleeve Dance(长袖舞): Teresa

Guzheng: Nocturne in Autumn Palace (古筝: 子夜秋歌): Trevor

Happy New Year Song (歌曲恭喜恭喜): Linda & Tiffany

Violin: Butterfly Lovers (粱祝): Benjamin Sun

The Great Race Story(十二生肖的故事): Justin

Art and Craft: 

Chun Character Craft (剪纸:春): Melody & Ariel


Writing: Ox Character (学写中文:牛): Gianna

Dumpling Making: 
Hosted by: Manfred Lam with His Daughters Giselle & Genevieve

Copy of Copy of Red Lantern Chinese New
Red Lantern Chinese New Year Social Medi
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