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Important note: Parents, please fill out the camp feedback form. Thank you. 

Target Students: K to 6th (Max Students: 50)
Teachers: local Middle/High School Students
Camp Coordinators:; 
Camp Schedule 
Camp Registration: 

Chess-specific Survey: 

Class Detail Descriptions: 
Camp Teachers: 
Kongfu(Alex Ni)

Chinese Culture (Albert Zheng  and Zydon Yuan)
Coding (Owen Ye)
Speech and Debate (Angela Yang)
Mental Math (Jerry Yang)
Lunch (Aaron Ellis, Trevor Trinh and Kembe Mubanda)

Clash Royale with Justin Luo
Minecraft with Benjamin Sun, 
Among Us with Zydon Yuan

Arts and Crafts:

The Illustration of Harry Potter Characters (Hannah Yang and Gianna Zhang)

Origami and Art (Olivia Zhao)
CHESS (Richard  Zhu leads the North Hollywood High team)


Parents Feedback Summary
Lunch Section Hosts Biography


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