The CHEER Youth Group was founded in June of 2021.

Before this time, the Youth Group worked under SFVCCA (the San Fernando Valley Chinese Cultural Association).

Current officers (2021; Service Time: June 2021 to May 2022)

President: Arthur Sun


Executive Vice President: Owen Ye


VP of Tech Support: Boheng Cao


co-Secretary/Treasurer: Jerry Yang, Teresa Gu


co VP of Art: Olivia Zhao, Gianna Zhang


VP of Outreach and Marketing: Angela Yang


VP of Membership/PVSA Coordinator: Aaron Du


VP of Social Media: Hannah Yang


co-VP of Literature Education: Zydon Yuan, Albert Zheng

Past Student Leaders (2020 to 2021):

Albert Zhang and Zydon Yuan

Past Student Leaders (2019 to 2020):
Arthur Sun and Richard Zhu

Founders of Youth Group (Aug 2019): 
Trevor Trinh, Alex Lu, Arthur Sun, Aaron Du, Olivia Zhao, Richard Zhu