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2024 Lunar New Year Charity Event 

Happy New Year.  We had a successful lunar new year event and in total we collected  $3242.07 through following sources: 

$1779.07 donated directly to CHF.  
$1055 donated at the event and after. 
$387 from lottery tickets 
$21 from  event fortune wheel      

Thank you for donating directly to CHF: 

Cynthia Lin, Yang Li DDS (李扬牙医). Arthur Fong, Lan Zheng, Guohua Yuan, Alexander Yuen, Wei Wang, Casey Wu, Minxian Jin, Ping Xu, Yuan Ruey Kerk
Thank you  for helping selling the lottery tickets and operate the fortune wheelLiu Xiao, Melody Qu, Feng  Chen, Weimin Sun ,  Cheng Nianpin, Lily Xu ang Garvin. 
Thank you: Betty family and Gianna family, for running craft table and make donations as while
Thank you  for donating lottery gifts:  
Melody Qu (家的味道)  Kelly/Charles Lee (leewifarms)
Diane Lee (彭蓓安) Yamm Bakery (宋月红) Connie Zhang, Tina Tang , Nana Luo Dan , Cha Cha Pet Store, Luyi Li, Ding Yi, Susanna Lin, Lisa Guo, Michelle Liu ( 刘晓), Sandy Yang, Holly Wang

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