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CHEER Student Guide

How do I post my event on CHEER calendar (

Two steps are required for project manager to post an event on CHEER calendar, 

Step 1: Your email should be in the list of "Share with specific people or groups" with the "make changes to event" as setting by sfvcheerinfo gmail calendar owner. 
Step 2: You need to add sfvcheerinfo gmail calendar 
under your shared calendar, taking the steps from 

How do I add and edit other calendars?

Step 3:  verify by posted your events to which will show up right after you create an event for CHEER US calendar. 


How do I post on blog:

Project managers are required to deliver blog post for the event you are supervised. 
Steps to post on blog: 

1. Accept email invitation from to be blog editor (please provide your personal gmail to our website coordinator)

2. Go to and click "login" on the top corner to log in with your gmail 

3. Go to and start to create a new blog. 


Note: anyone can post comment under your blog without above steps. Please encourage your team member to post comment under your blog post 


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