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Community Cleanup/Recycling  Project

During the fall of 2021, CHEER launched a community cleanup initiative, aiming to minimize potentially harmful waste in vulnerable communities throughout the Los Angeles area. Check our MEETUP and  BLOG for additional content! 

CHEER youth group leaders are calling for volunteers to work on community clean-up and recycling projects! The goal is to encourage our youth to clean up our community and protect the environment. We will focus on two events:

1. Cleaning up trash in local schools, parks, streets, and other public facilities

2. Recycling water bottles.

Adults and children of any age are welcome to participate in these events and earn community service hours through CHEER.

2023 Main Branch Cleanup Coordinator: Max Szczech 
2023 Main Branch Onsite Recycling Coordinator: Zydon Yuan and Nathan Wang 

2021 - 2022 Main Branch Cleanup Coordinator: Gianna Zhang 
2020 - 2021   Main Branch Cleanup Coordinator: Olivia Zhao 

Project Background: 
Community cleanup project was initiated by pack of six CHEER key members who teamed up to join the Reagan Library summer leadership training in the summer of 2021. It was launched in the fall of 2021 in main branch and Stevenson Ranch branch at the same time. 
The six key members are: 
_ Alber Zheng is currently leading the community cleanup project in Stevenson Ranch branch ever since summer of 2020. 
_ Olivia Zhao launched the cleanup project in main branch and led this project from Sep 2021 to June 2022. She applied $1000 grant from John Lee Youth leadership program to support this project. 
_ Gianna Zhang led the project in main branch from July 2022 to Feb 2023 and following up with developing a sibling recycling project afterward. 
_ Zydon Yuan is currently leading the recycling project in main branch together with Nathan Wang (joined after)
_ Aaron Du and Benjamin Sun both have hosted multiple cleanup events and involved actively with this project. 

This project is currently the most important project of CHEER and over 20 families have been active hosts in the past, 

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