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In the summer of 2021, with the successfully launched ASL classes to the Northridge and surrounding community, CHEER launched the deaf culture project. The objective of this project was to promote deal culture to general community and establish a bridge between deaf communities.

Project Coordinators:
Arthur Sun, senior student in Granada Hill Charter High (arthursun04@gmail
Anqi Fan,  high school student in Westlake High (anqifan681@gmail)
Project Partner/Sponsor: 
Project Budget: $1000 (donated by SVSY)
Project Advisors: Dr Li Liu and Dr Weimin Sun 

  • 2021 Summer Community ASL lecture/classes (Instructors: CSUN deaf department students)

    Very successful milestone of deal culture project. There are over 30 families joined in two day class series. Both instructors were experiences teachers.With the help from interpreters, students have no problem following class even in a deaf teacher class. Students and local families had a lot of fun in the class. Our instructors not only taught students with ABCs of ASl, but also spend time introduced deaf culture. Dr Liu introduced CSUN resources to help us to promote deaf culture in the community. It was the very first time for most of these families to learn deaf culture and ASL. 

    We received strong support from CSUN. The instructors were students from CSUN deaf department. Both CSUN deaf department and Pierce interpreter program were very supportive when we were looking for interpreters before the class. Professor Weimin Sun (CSUN Chinese Culture Center) and Professor Li Liu (CSUN CS department) volunteered to be moderators for these classes. 


  • Community ASL class (Instructor: Anqi Fan)

  • 2021 Winter Community ASL lecture/classes

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