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2024 STEAM Fair Day 2—Origami and Science

On June 18th, 2024, CHEER members volunteered for the Summer STEAM Fair with the young children at PALS. The second day kicked off with a science demonstration on ice cream and concluded with volunteers teaching the kids the art of origami.

The children were excited to start off by making their own ice cream. Volunteers brought in milk, ice, salt, and sugar to provide a fun and tasty demonstration, while also allowing kids to learn about the chemical properties of water and heat transfer. In the end, the kids were able to enjoy the ice cream they made themselvesa cool treat in the summer.

Volunteers provided paper to introduce children to origami, allowing them to explore the various creations that could be folded. Volunteers taught the children how to fold paper stars, butterflies, birds, and flowers, thus providing an entertaining and interactive way to introduce these children to the delicate Japanese art.

The children had a great time the second day of the fair, which provided them with an opportunity to foster their growth and development while also allowing them to enjoy themselves in the process.

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