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Winnetka Recreation Center & Halloween Party - CHEER's First Ever Public Community Cleanup!!

Location: Winnetka Recreation Center & Devonshire Pals

Date: 10/30/2021

Hosts: Zhao Family (Olivia & Connor) and Lee Family (Samuel, Naomi, Priscilla)


On 10/30, CHEER had its first ever public community cleanup!

In total, there were 22 people who joined us, inclusive of kids and adults.

We collected over 10 bags of trash.

Afterwards, CHEER also took part in hosting the Halloween party at Devonshire Pals. We set up a table where kids could paint masks. There was also food, music, games, and much more!

All in all, it was a very meaningful, eventful, and fun day!

We hope that more will join us for following cleanup events!

- Written by Connor & Olivia Zhao


On the day before Halloween, a couple of families went to pick up trash at Winnetka Recreation Center Park.

It was mostly quiet as we checked items from a scavenger list of trash. The scavenger hunt included many trash items, like plastic bottles and cigarette butts.

Afterward, bags of little treats made by my family were passed out.

What I seemed to find the most was water bottle caps because I think people have races in the park often. The park at first glance will look very clean, but when we started to clean up, a lot of smaller bits of trash could be found.

Overall, it was a fine and quiet way to meet up with other people, while helping clean up some trash in a recreation park.

- Written by Samuel Lee

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