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Youth Group Zoom Class Guide

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

  1. To Apply for a New Class: Please contact one of our youth group advisor if you plan to host a new class: Lin Chang, Luyi or Holly You need to register the class application form online at:

  2. Flier: each teacher is recommended to prepare a flier for your class. Fliers are great to be sent out in social media and also can be included in your college application brochure.

  3. Video policy: we recommend every student to turn on video for safety concerns, and respect for teachers.

  4. Recording policy: no recording is allowed in any class for liability concern.

  5. Report: a report is recommended from each teacher at the end of the class. You can include the homework from the student, class show up rate and feedback from parents. This report could be used in our newsletter, and you can also include it in your college application brochure.

  6. Teacher Commitment: All teachers must remain in the zoom meeting for the entirety of the class. If you can't attend a session, please plan ahead to find a replacement.

  7. Kahoot and PPT: Kahoot is a useful tool to help test students and get results at once. PPT is also suggested.

  8. Audit Class: we highly recommend little teachers to audit each other’s class and give positive comments and suggestions to the teacher.

  9. Experience Sharing: We arrange teacher experience sharing and casual training. Our advisor is CSUN professor Ye Lin who specializes at middle/high school science teacher training:

  10. Community Service Hours: all teaching related hours are counted as community service hours. Please keep a time log on your own.

Good luck and have fun!

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