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Thank you, Donors! 

CHEER has received strong support from CHEER families and our community ever since we launched in Sep of 2019. We deeply appreciate your support and help and please continuing help us! 

Donor Wall of 2023 PERSONAL PAYPAL Casey Wu/ZHUO CHEN Sep 14, 2023 QIAN ZHUMar 9, 2023 Yifei SunJun 21, 2023 Sue YangJan 7, 2023 Xin WangDec 30, 2022 Ning ZhuangDec 18, 2022 Huihua Sun Dec 16, 2022 Company Match Lisa Trinh Qian Zhu Suiying Huang Shuowen Yang Ling JiangCompany Match CHANG LI Yan Chen (Vivian) Lan Zheng Lifeng Zhang

Donor Wall of 2022 We received over $4000 in the fundraising event in 2022 summer. Our annual award ceremony of year 2023 and Chinese New Year celebration event were fully covered by this fundraising. Donor list:

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