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Our volunteering options are broad and inclusive, offering opportunities to individuals of all abilities and talents. Not only does our interview program represent a selection of potential choices, but we're also paired with community parters with respect to group volunteering

In addition,  CHEER is certified organization of the President’s Volunteer Service AwardWe offer this award to individuals  or groups affiliated with our organization or with volunteering experience with us. 


Volunteering Registration

Individuals registering for our volunteering awards must be registered as a member of the Youth Group. Additionally, volunteering hours must be compiled into the attached forms with the signature of an adult. Signed forms are to be submitted  with subject containing a brief description of the volunteering activity in question and the full name of the participant. One-third of the volunteer hours should be acquired directly through CHEER activities. 

For Young Adult and Adults, we are flexible with the One-third CHEER relevant hours as the award hours requirements are hard to meet. As long as you have reasonable involvement with CHEER, you can apply this award through CHEER if you meet the award hours.

Group (project or club) Award
The group lead fill out the group award for your group. Each member should fulfill the minimum 25 service hours requirement for your group within CHEER. 

Please read the FAQs before submitting your application. 


The 08/01/2022 to 07/31/2023 award submission link(long link) link)


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