• What is the President’s Volunteer Service Award, and what is its relationship with the CHEER?​
    The President’s Volunteer Service Award honors individuals that contribute to the overall community via voluntary community service, with tiers for varying volunteering times. CHEER has been approved to nominate individuals for the Award and accept volunteering applications. More information regarding the President’s Volunteer Service Award can be found here,

  • How is a calendar year defined when computing volunteering hours? 
    We collect community service hours from August 1 to July 31 of every year. We apply for awards in mid-August, with award ceremony typically in September.

  • Does CHEER have a requirement on how many hours of service hours should be within CHEER?
    Yes. For individual awards, we asked that minimum of 1/3 of the relevant hours should be CHEER-related service hours. For families/Groups, we asked that each member should have minimum of 25 hours of equivalent CHEER-related community service. 
    Note:  this requirement is flexible for young adult group. 

  • Can volunteering hours obtained under an external organization be submitted towards the award under the CHEER Youth Group?
    Briefly, the answer is yes, given that additional community service has been performed directly with the Cheer Youth Group. Hours may come from different service activities for different organizations/causes so long as the you provide solid evidence necessary to certify eligible service hours. For a complete compilation of necessary criteria in such a scenario, visit the Presidential Award website here

  • I am in between 15 and 16. Which age group fits me when I apply for this award?
    From PVSA: "The age category is determined by the age the person was for at least 7 months within the calendar year.  For example, if the person was 16 for 7 months within the year in question, that person would qualify within the 16-25 age group. "  
    So, if your 16th birthday fall in the application year (August 1 to July 31), you will be categories as TEEN if you are younger than 16th and 7 month . You will be categories as YOUNG ADULT if you are over 16th and 7 month.
    So, if you are turn into 16 in the application year (within 0801 last year to 0731 current year)  for the award,  it depends on your birth month to see which category you will fall in.  If your birth month falls in the 0801 last year till 1231 last year, you will be in the Young Adult age group. Otherwise you will be in the teens age group. 

  • Can club participation in schools contribute to community service hours?
    Club attendance does not satisfy the definition of 'volunteering' per the Corporation for National and Community Service unless outreach or teaching is an attribute of club participation. For example, participation in a math club in which members solely participate in discussion cannot be considered volunteering, while outreach for the same club to foster interest in mathematics can contribute to community service hours given that neither were performed to obtain monetary compensation.

  • What forms of activities are considered as community service? What activities considered as volunteering does the CHEER Youth Group offer?
    Any activity that is performed without monetary pay and with the intention of assisting others can be submitted for volunteering hours. All Youth Group interview and class preparation can be registered towards the Presidential Service Award, in addition to the interview and class sessions themselves. However, external contributions to these tasks, including those originating from family members, cannot be exploited to increase service time.

  • Can I apply for President Award from two organizations in the same year?
    No, an honoree may only be recognized by one Certifying Organization in a 12-month period

  • Can I receive multiple awards from same organization in the same years?
    Yes, an individual can receive individual award and families/groups awards from the same organization. For individual, the hours count for families/groups award can be counted for individual award at the same time. 

  • How can volunteering hours be submitted?
    Community service time is submitted to the Youth Group via forms present on our 'Volunteering' page; the signature of a responsible adult is required in conjunction with the signature of the volunteering student.

  • Does CHEER offers president awards to families/Group/Student Club? 
    Yes. Group awards require a minimum of two volunteers each performing at least 25 hours with CHEER.
    _Award given in the name of the group, e.g., “Silver Spring High School Marching Band” or “The Burgess-Peterson Family”
    _Each member must contribute a minimum of 25 hours for their hours to count towards the group total
    _Each member must meet individual eligibility requirements, i.e., must be at least 5 years old and a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident
    _An individual’s hours may count towards both the individual award and group award, e.g., a teen completing 50 hours may receive a bronze award in addition to the silver group award as a member of a class that volunteered 500 hours collectively over 12 months