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11/20/21 Environmental Awareness Day!!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, CHEER partnered with Volunteers Cleaning Communities and other organizations to host the first ever Environmental Awareness Day!

For 6 hours, CHEER volunteers worked 3 separate shifts, from 10 am to 4 pm (6 hours!) to provide education and entertainment to the community centered around the environment.

From the morning shift (Olivia, Connor, Gianna, Albert, Judy, Andy):

During the first shift, 3 volunteers, Giana, Judy, and Olivia, provided information about the environment and CHEER through a poster they collaborated on, as well as a fun tutorial on how to make origami cranes and other fun origami crafts. Andy and Connor arranged exciting games centered around the environment, including a spinner and a quiz about fun facts, and a homemade pinball game from recycled materials. They also offered amazing prizes for contestants.

Environmental awareness day was a wonderful opportunity for young leaders to help out in the community as well as for everyone to learn more about how precious the environment is and what we can do to protect it.

(Written by: Connor Zhao)

From the midday shift (Arthur, Benjamin, Ian, Ethan, Erik, Alice, Rocket Team Members):

CHEER had the Granada Hills Rocketry Team as a guest in our midday shift. It was a blast and both kids and adults were able to learn so much from the team members! There were also posters made by Eric that talked about green resources and environmental friendly behaviors. Lastly, there was an art game for the visitors.

(Written by: Olivia Zhao)

From the afternoon shift (Karen, Audrey, Aaron, Angela, Jerry, Hannah, Max):

We had a lot of diverse visitors, from kids to adults of all ages. All of them were really excited and intrigued by our questions, and many of them were impressed in our cleanup project as well. At the end, we not only cleaned up our own booth, we also helped pick up trash from the parking lot. The event organizer, Jill, gave CHEER a big thank you.

(Written by: Jerry Yang)

All in all, it was an amazing experience for all the volunteers and visitors! We hope that everyone enjoyed and had lots of fun!! Please check out our trash cleanups if you haven't already! ( CHEER has been promoting this project in hopes that more people can get out there and help our environment! It is a wonderful opportunity for kids and adults to get some exercise and while benefiting our community around us!

(Blog organized by: Olivia Zhao)

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