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2021 Chinese New Year Festival

On February 12th, 2021 at 6:00 PM, we held the 2021 Chinese New Year festival, a combined effort between CHEER and the GHC TK-8 PTSA. The 1 hour festival was filled with many vibrant performances and family-friendly activities. All 90+ attendees were able to gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture and traditions. All the segments were entertaining, captivating, and unique. We greatly appreciate all the performers and people who worked hard to make this event possible! The first part was the Chinese cultural presentation by Zydon Yuan and Albert Zheng. Attendees learned about the Chinese Zodiac of the Ox (牛), the traditional dragon dance, the legend of Nian (年), and red envelopes (红包). Teresa Gu delivered an elegant, graceful Long Sleeve Dance (长袖舞). Next up was Trevor Trinh’s skilled, melodic performance of Nocturne in Autumn Palace on the Guzheng (古筝). Linda and Tiffany sang the energetic and cheerful Happy New Year song, celebrating the new year. Benjamin Sun delivered a beautiful performance of Butterfly Lovers on the violin. Justin Luo gave an engaging shadow puppet show of the great race story behind our Chinese zodiac order. Melody and Ariel guided the audience along in a fun, interactive Chinese paper cutting (剪纸) activity. To finish off the exciting festival, we made dumplings (饺子) with the PTSA president, Manfred Lam, and his daughters, Giselle and Genevieve. All in all, the 2021 Chinese New Year festival was a blast and a major success! The audience had so much fun enjoying the numerous activities provided. We look forward to another potential festival next year! We've attached a few pictures of the event! 新年快乐!

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