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2022-2023 CHEER Greeting Card contributions wanted

Since its inception, CHEER has received tremendous support and sponsorship from a variety of people in the community. Without your support and encouragement, we wouldn't be where we are now. To show CHEER'S gratitude, we are inviting all the children in the community to join our " Thank you " card design activity! Please grab your pen and use poetries ,drawings, or other creative ways to record memorable moments around your community and show them on the "Thank You" card. Below are the specific requirements for this activity:

* Theme

The theme is about "Beautiful Community". The subject title my be self oriented, and the genre is not restricted.


In the form of words and/or drawings, tell beautiful stories and thoughts from your heart.


Children of all ages in the community

*Submission Deadline

December 31th, 2022

*How to submit

Please send the electronic version, scannned copies or HD photos to

All submissions need to include the designer's name, age and contact infomation.(emails or contact numbers)

Once the work has been submitted, the designer reserves copyright and is responsible for their own work. CHEER owns the final use right of all the artworks.

(Note: the right of interpretation goes to CHEER)

Many thanks to Cathy Koo who designed the template! She works as CHEER's art advisor and is in charge of the “Thank You" card project.

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