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2022 CHEER Parent Discussion Series

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Want to know more about LAUSD Magnet/Gate Programs? Want to listen to experienced parents talk about middle school in our area? Please mark your calendar for the upcoming parent discussion events:

2022 Oct 30 ( Sunday 7:30pm, Chinese) Host: Cui Qin Mr. Weimin Sun and Mr Steve Liu will share information about LAUSD Magnet/Gate Program. Mr Sun PPT Share: Video Recording: 2022 Nov 6 ( Sunday 7:30pm, Chinese) Host: Ding Li Middle School Discussions: _ Porter Ranch Community School (Wendy Shen)

_ Lawrence Middle Magnet (Kathy Cai)

_ Portola Highly Gifted Magnet (Luyi Li)

_ Science Academy Stem Magnet (North Hollywood, Qian Zhu and Kathy Cai)

_ Walter Reed Middle Magnet (North Hollywood, Qian Shi and Lisa Guo)

_ Hale Charter (Woodland Hill, Kun Gao)

_ Porter, Frost, Henry middle and Noble have been covered in Series I, Steve Liu may cover part of them depending on the time

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