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2022 Summer Interview Series: Kira Posephil

Date: August 17th, 2022

Time: 7 PM PT


Zoom ID: 864 3070 8611

Password: cheer

Join us this Wednesday as we interview Kira Posephil, a freshman at MIT this fall! During the interview, Posephil will discuss the challenges she faced while in high school, how she overcame them, and her advice to students currently in high school. We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday!

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1 Comment

K Yang
K Yang
Aug 18, 2022

Both Kira and Ugo gave genuine advice for college essays, time management, and exploring life. One of the best advice Kira gave was to treat AP exams as spending the most out of your time, and to finish off high school senior strong, because a lot of people begin to ease off too soon after three years of high school. Although AP exams won't matter as much in 12th grade, I'd say all the effort I have been putting into would become a waste, and I will not be able to report a test score if I did not pass. Another reason it is best to finish off senior year strong is that there is a chance that I discovered…

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