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2022 Summer Math Club

During this summer, members of our CHEER Youth Groups started a math club for Kindergarten to sixth-grade students. It lasted a total of five weeks, from July 5-August 2. We split our club into two classes. The first was for Kindergarten to third-grade students, the second was for fourth to sixth-grade students. Each class had two volunteers and the goal was to be able to have fun while learning.

In our K-3rd grade class, we started by teaching two-digit addition, then eased into three and four-digit addition too! We also taught two and three-digit subtraction as well as one-digit multiplication. During the last class of the summer, we taught a little bit of geometry as well. Overall we were able to touch upon multiple different math subjects this summer in our math club.

In our 4th-6th grade class, we spent the first class reviewing fifth grade standards such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. After that, we spent the next few classes covering percentage problems. We started off easy with learning how to convert decimals into percentages, then eventually went into solving taxes, simple interest, and other real-life percentage problems. For the last class, we decided to let our students have some fun with educational math games.

For us as volunteers, it was a very fun and valuable experience we were able to have. We had a lot of fun learning with the students, and hope that the students were also able to enjoy and learn from the classes as much as we did. We thank them so much for being willing to spend an hour every Tuesday, for five weeks with us, helping each other grow.

Student Feeback:

Yilu Yuan (6th Grader): "I thought the classes were nice. I think my favorite was on the last day when we were able to play a game. The first class was also really fun."

Jimmy Chen (1st Grader): "I really like the math classes. I really like learning about multiplication and the teacher was really nice."

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