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2023 Jan 14th Lunar New Year event program list

Special Guests

1. Pastor Hsu from (speaker)

2. Holly Wang (speaker)

3. Liz Duran from rescue mission (speaker)

4. John Lee LA district 12 councilman (speaker)

5. Ron from John Lee office

6. Adina from Devonshire Pals (speaker)

7. Officer Sanchez from Devonshire Pals

8-9. 2 teachers from west valley Chinese school

10-12. 3 CHEER students advisors

13. Jill Mather from volunteers cleaning communities

Speech from Adina Barco, Devonshire Pals Hello Everyone, My name is Adina Barco and I am here with Officer Alyssa Sanchez, representing LAPD Pals, a youth center serving the community here in Northridge. We also have Mark Fishlowitz, the vice-president of the Pals board with us today. On behalf of Pals, we would like to express our appreciation to CHEER parents and students alike. Your valuable contribution through volunteering at PALS, allows us to fulfill our mission and serve our youth. They say the best present you can give someone is your time, and CHEER has blessed us with many presents: volunteering at our Halloween Carnival, donating toys and volunteering at our Annual Christmas toy drive, and providing educational events, like STEAM camp in summer 2022 and Steam Fair during the winter break. CHEER youth - your inclination to share your time and talents with your peers at PALS says a lot about the quality of your character. Thank you to all of you, and please know that you are valued and appreciated. We are looking forward to continuing to work with you in the future. May you all have a new year filled with happiness, prosperity and health! Thank you. ~Adina Barco LAPD Devonshire PALS 8721 Wilbur Ave, Northridge CA 91324 Program List: Opening Speech 1. The Happy Wanderer, Santa Lucia (in Italian), 踏雪尋梅, 恭喜恭喜 GloryStar Children‘s Chorus (美國榮星兒童合唱團) 2. Folk Art Performance: Three and a Half Sentences for Children (儿童三句半) Leo Hsu, Eli Liu, Ryan Liu, Moses Chen 3. Little Apple (小苹果) Sophia Ren, Teresa Gu and Charlie Chen 4. Kung Fu Dance: Mulan (木蘭) Feng Dance Studio Children Team 5. Singing (女声)Performance: 天边,Hark! The Echoing Air Dan Zhou, Becky Zhang 6. Dance: Sumuzhe (苏幕遮)

Chen Ting, Yan Sisi, Lin Xier, Coco Liu, Xiao Linzi

Intermission 7. Singing and Dancing (过年啦) Sasha Chen 8. La Donna E Mobile Naomi Jiang &Patrick Li 9. Dance: Mangzhong (芒种) Chen Ting, Yan Sisi, Lin Xier 10. The Butterfly Lovers(梁祝) Charlotte Warren, Naomi Jiang, Luke Liu, Eli Liu 11. Kung Fu (功夫 - 宮庭八卦拳之烏龙拳) Master Guan (關景舜老师) 12. Ode to Joy (欢乐颂) Agape Fellowship Dance Team (播爱团契舞蹈队)

Program Hosts: Teresa Gu, Albert Zheng, Olivia Zhao, Connor Zhao Program Tech Support: Nathan Wang

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