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2024 Lunar New Year

Happy New Year. We are excited to share with you an upcoming event that promises to be a delightful celebration of culture, community, and compassion. On February 17th,2024,from 1-4 pm, the Mandarin Baptist Church of San Fernando Valley (MBCSFV), in collaboration with Community for Holistic Education and Empowerment of Civic Responsibility(CHEER), will host a special event to ring in the Chinese New Year.

Donations of any amount are sincerely appreciated, and we are especially eager to partner with sponsors who can contribute $100 or more. As a token of our gratitude, sponsors with larger donations will be acknowledged during the event, ensuring that your commitment to community welfare is recognized and celebrated.

To contribute, please make your donation check payable to Children’s Hunger Fund

and mail it to Mandarin Baptist Church of San Fernando Valley, 9124 Zelzah Ave.Northridge, CA 91325.

Alternatively, you can donate on site during the event on 2/17/2023 either by check or by cash.(Donation envelope will be provided.) Better still, click this link or scan the QR code and donate online.

我们邀请您与我们一起度过一个充满活力的中国文化表演、有趣味游戏和美味小吃的下午。活动将在位于 9124 Zelzah Ave., Northridge 的 MandarinBaptist Church 举行。入场免费,欢迎所有人士参加并享受庆祝活动。现场会有丰富礼品用来抽奖,抽奖券可以提前购买($2 per piece, 抽奖券收入会作为捐款捐出). 我们真诚地感谢任何金额的捐款,我们特别渴望与能够捐款 100 美元或更多的赞助者合作。为了表达我们的谢意,我们将在活动期间感谢捐款数量较大的赞助人士,确保您对社区福利的承诺得到认可和庆祝。 如有捐款,请将捐款支付给

Children's Hunger Fund 并邮寄至Mandarin Baptist Church of San Fernando Valley 9124 Zelzah Ave., Northridge, CA 91325。您也可以在 2024 年 2 月 17 日活动期间在现场透过支票或现金捐款。 更方便的是,点击这链 或 扫描QR Code在网上捐献。您的慷慨将产生有意义的影响,在我们减轻饥饿和为儿童的生活带来积极影响的使命中,每一块钱都很重要。感谢您考虑我们的请求,我们期待有机会在 2 月 17 日与您一起庆祝中国新年。CHEER and MBCSFV

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