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2024 SCV and Northridge Clothing Drive

Updated: Jun 14

Date: May 25, 2024 (SCV), June 7, 2024 (SCV), and June 8, 2024 (Northridge)

Location: Dr. Richard H. Rioux Memorial Park (SCV) and Northridge Recreation Center (Northridge)

Hosts: Willa Li and Kate McCurley

Student Participants (SCV): Kate, Thomas, Albert, Sophia, Justin, Teresa, Yimeng, Lucas, Willa, Dylan, Julia, and Mia

Student Participants (Northridge): Olivia, Conner, Patrick, Sophia, and other young children

During May 25 and June 8 of 2024, we hosted our first CHEER Clothing drive! With a total of 268 bags/boxes of donations collected, the clothing drive turned out very successful. SCV CHEER donated a total of 58 bags/boxes of donations and Northridge donated 210 bags/boxes of donations.

Everyone's collaborative efforts made this clothing drive possible. SCV branch members all met up to drop off donations at the park and all donations were picked up by San Fernando Rescue Mission for the Northridge branch. Both branches' members met up. gathered all the donations, and loaded the items onto the San Fernando Rescue Mission's truck. Overall, our first SCV and Northridge clothing drive was very successful and we applaud and thank all the families who participated! Thanks to everyone's efforts, children and families can lead a better life. A special thank you to the 70 neighbors, friends, and outside participants who attended the events and donated! Additionally, another special thanks to Michelle and Anny for collaborating and working to collect the donations from the drive! Thank you to everyone who made our first ever CHEER clothing drive to be successful. :)

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