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2024 Summer Quarter Recycling Event

Host: Nathan Wang

On June 15, 2024, many CHEER members joined the recycling day. Members contributed by dropping off a multitude of recyclables at Recycling Innovations. We gathered a total of 49 bags of recyclables and sorted the plastic bottles, cans, and glass bottles into separate containers. All recyclables were weighed, and we collected a total of $90.71! All proceeds earned will be contributed to the cleaning group to purchase new grabbers for future events. This was made possible by the collective help of our CHEER members. We thank them for their great accomplishment, and we hope to see you all at future events!

NOTE: These volunteers have earned 2 hours for every 13-gallon bag of recyclables brought to this event! If you could not join us this time, please feel free to recycle asynchronously using the form below.

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