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2024 Summer Steam Fair at PALS

Updated: Jul 2

Fair Dress Code: CHEER T-shirt Student requirement: Register as PALs student member Fair Poster and final short video: Kate ON site parents: taking photos and post to wechat group

Daily activities and Daily blog:

Jun 17th: Hiphop and Fun Math

CHEER SCV Students: Albert, Kate, Yilu, Thomas

Monday Blog: Kate

Jun 18th: Origami and Science 

Olivia, Connor, Charles, Victoria  Blog: Charles

Jun 19th: Science and ArtRocket and 3D Printing:

Benjamin Sun,  Gavin, Max and Patrick

Face Painting:  Xinyuan Zhang Blog: Max/Benjamin

Jun 20th: Sports and Math

Max, Benjamin, Charlie Li and Patrick 

Blog: Max

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