Autumn Festival Fundraiser

With the disastrous fires in recent weeks, combined with the repercussions of COVID-19, firefighters are risking their lives to protect our community. The SFVCCA Youth Group plans to raise money for firefighters through a talent show. This talent show is not only a fundraiser, but provides opportunities for the public to share their artistry, and allows the community to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival. The SFVCCA hopes to use the raised money to buy a coffee for each firefighter in the area. We want to show our appreciation for each firefighters hard work and dedication. Thank you for helping us in our goal!

If you would like to donate, please visit the fundraiser here:

Here is the program for the talent show.

  1. Angela Yang, Jerry Yang, Hannah Yang - Chinese Poem

  2. Benjamin Sun- Allegro Brillante with Violin

  3. Angelina Wang- Indian dance

  4. Charlotte Warren- Bach Menuet in D minor with Piano

  5. Hannah Yang - The Swallow with piano

  6. Jerry Yang - Avengers Theme Song with Saxophone

  7. Aaron Liu- Mozart Adagio in E Major with Violin

  8. Albert Zheng- The story of Dongpo Shu (苏东坡的故事)

  9. Gianna Zhang- Nocturne in c minor with Piano

  10. Michelle Wang -Song and Dance

  11. Teresa Gu - You Raise Me Up with Clarinet

  12. Nathan Wang- Descendants of dragon with Violin

  13. Trevor Trinh- Nocturne in Autumn Palace with Guzheng

  14. May Wu’s Cockatoo Dada - Dance

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