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Calligraphy and One-Stroke Drawing Class in Summer 2020

Calligraphy and One-Stroke Drawing Class

Timeline: July 16th - August 6th, 2020

Tutor: Teresa Gu


During this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic, many adults and kids have been sitting at home with little to do. With my class, I am giving kids a chance to release their creativity.

If I said that my class didn’t help kids socialize, I would be lying. At a time like this, being able to talk and connect with other people is extremely important. Humans are very social, especially children. When I am conducting my class, I encourage my students to talk and communicate with each other.


Calligraphy: Calligraphy is also known as decorative lettering. In this portion of the class, we focus on the different ways to write letters and words. It gives the reader a much deeper feeling of what the author or artist was trying to express. Words can make a huge impression, but the way you write them is just as important. We cover many different types of fonts and we uncover the feelings that the designs portray.

One-Stroke Drawing: In this portion of my class, I took simple drawings and reinterpreted them into artworks that could be drawn with one stroke of the pencil. This form of art allows kids to rediscover the beauty of drawing. There are many forms of art, but this is the most magical to draw.

Final Takeaway

Creating this class has been a learning experience for me as well as my students. My students were able to exert their creativity as energy and have fun. I was able to find different ways to teach and handle a class. My advice for future teachers is not one-size-fits-all. Each student is very different and constantly teaching the class with the same tactic can be very inefficient. Some kids learn visually, others learn by hearing the instructions, and there are many different types of learners. My main takeaway from teaching was that you have to be lenient in the way that you teach by combining the different ways kids absorb the information. This has been a wonderful learning experience for everyone and I hope that my experience will inspire others to start classes as well.

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