Covid-19 Student Response: Bakery Sale


30th April 2020

Written by Teresa M. Gu


During the COVID 19 pandemic, hospitals were short on resources, such as masks and protective gear. This put many health care workers at risk of contracting the COVID-19. To help protect them, Angelique Guan, Teresa Gu, and Isabelle Zheng worked together to create a bake sale and raised money for local hospitals.


Their goals were quite simple, they wanted to raise money to help hospitals buy the protective gear that they so desperately needed. The community was at risk and when we kept our medical professionals healthy, they could keep us healthy in return and slow the spread of the virus. It was a huge win-win for everybody.


To start, they needed to figure out what they were going to sell and how they had to do it. With social distancing orders in place, it was nearly impossible for them to meet up in person, so they hosted their meetings online using computer softwares such as Zoom and online communication apps like Telegram. They each choose a particular food that they wanted to make and got to work, Angelique and Isabelle both made baked-goods since it was in higher demand.

They mainly sold baked goods such as cakes and brownies. Teresa was in charge of organic popcorn, cotton candy, and all sorts of entertainment foods. All of these goods were popular amongst the community as many people were reluctant to go to stores due to the risk.

Delivery was the main struggle with the project with the physical distancing orders. For delivery, they would either send the food to the consumer’s home and leave it at their doorstep (with previous notification) or they would come and pick it up from the baker’s/cook’s home from the front yard (also with notification and proper physical distancing measures). This was the main method of pick-up and delivery as it was safe and effective.


For the Hospital

After everyone’s hard work, the trio was able to collect $183 which was donated to a local hospital. The hospital staff was very grateful for the donation and the money helped the staff receive the proper protective gear to keep everyone safe.

For the Community

Although the money did go towards the hospital, the community was able to benefit from this greatly. Many families were able to buy foods that they weren’t able to get due to the pandemic. This fundraiser was able to provide them with a service that they needed.

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