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CHEER Recycling Information

Thank you for considering to donate to CHEER! Your support is truly appreciated.

CHEER will grant 2 volunteer hours per bag of recyclable cans, bottles, and glass. Each bag must meet the minimum size of 13 gallons to be counted towards volunteer hours. Bags that do not meet the minimum size will not be counted towards the bag total.

[[ Attending the Quarterly Recycling Event On-Site ]]

As usual, we will be inviting you all to register for these events through MeetUp. Upon signing up for the MeetUp event, you will be prompted with a new Google Form that is required. Please help to fill out that form to indicate the number of bags you will be bringing. Bags will be checked upon arrival at the event location.

[[ Recycling Asynchronously ]]

If you wish to return your bottles before the recycling date, please utilize the same Google Form here to submit photos of your receipt and the bags that you recycled. You do not need to register for the MeetUp. You may give the funds in person to the student Treasurer, Nathan Wang, at the upcoming recycling event or use PayPal (

PayPal accepts the following payment types:

  • Bank account

  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express

  • PayPal Balance account

[[ How do I check the number of bags I donated? ]]

A summarized spreadsheet link will be provided throughout the year to review your number of donated bags.

For additional inquiries/information about the CHEER Recycling Program, please contact:

Nathan Wang, Northridge Branch Recycling Coordinator

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