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CHEER Summer Interview Series Guideline

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

CHEER offers summer student interview series on annual basis. Here are the guideline for host and interviewees.

Before the interview series started, advisor grant interview project manager access to sfvcheerinfo calendar, so that project manager can post interview time to our calendar. For each series, the following are required:

  1. Flyer, _one flier template should be good for the whole series _for each individual interview flyer, please just modify the interviewee name _on each individual flyer, leave the date and time open (no need to add date and time) as there are last minute change, date and time will be announced in text announcement Example:

  2. Blog or web page for each series For each interview series in that year, please create a blog post and list out all interviews in this series, so we can use it for promotion and announcement, for last minute date change, please just modify the blog or web site example:

3. Video

For each interview, video will be recorded and posted to our youtube channel. If the interviewee doesn’t like this idea, we respect their wish. If there is an interview question list, please provide it in the video comment.

4. Interviewee and Interviewer, and time

Per our previous experience, one interviewee and two interviewers are a good combination. Forty minutes to one hour is a good time for one interview. We do have more than one interviewee for a couple of interviews, they all know each other and it turned out to be very good interviews.

5. Interview questions

Per interviewee and interviewers' request, sometimes draft questions were initiated before the interview. It is totally up to both sides, sometimes both sides feel they feel better with a casual talk instead of a formal interview.

6. Communication channel to organize each interview Host can either come up with a Google email list, or use discord, or email directly to each contact to arrange the series.

7. Post each interview date to calender

8. Promotion Promotion should be in: CHEER-us email list, wechat and discord group list at least one week before each interview. For promotion, six times is the suggested number. So please promote multiple times in different channels.

suggested promotion verbiage to send to cheer-us: "Hi, all,

blar blar blar.... the detail of the coming interview in this weekend can be found at http://addressofblog or webpage which has date, time and zoom login, (so we don't have to make another announcement for the last minute time/date change) Please check our calendar for the coming interviews Thank you

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1 Comment

Hui Wang
Hui Wang
Aug 09, 2023

How do I give someone rights to edit a Google Calendar event?

login into sfvcheerinfo, go to calender, on the left panel, Scroll down to the section Share with specific people and click Add people. Enter the email address of the person you want to share your calendar with (this person must also be using Google Calendar). Can you edit someone else's Google Calendar event? In Google, only the people listed under the "Share this calendar" section with "Manage sharing and edit events" permissions can update that calendar's events. How do I add and edit other calendars?

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