CHEER Winter Camp Day 1

Updated: Jan 6

Day 1:

Kong Fu:

Above: Alex Ni demonstrating Kong Fu movements

This session occurs early in the morning and helps kids become more awake and ready to learn for the following academic classes.

Chinese Culture:

Today's Presentation:

In today's class, campers learned about the significance of the dragon in Chinese culture. They were able to practice writing the simplified and traditional characters for the word "dragon".


In our coding class, campers are able to use Scratch to help them create a better understanding of how to code and the ways to manipulate the commands. Today, campers learned the basic ways to code a character in Scratch.

Speech and Debate:

Speech and Debate help campers develop to be more confident in themselves when speaking in a public environment and make it easier for them to respectfully debate.

Mental Math:

By learning mental math, campers are able to solve math questions effectively and accurately, which is important for academic purposes.

Breakout Rooms (Origami and Drawing with Olivia):

Images from Origami and Drawing Class

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