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KongFu With Alex

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Inspired by Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Alex Ni started learning wushu (kung fu) when he was 6. He is a World Kung Fu Champion in barehand and double broadsword. Alex is a Junior World Wushu Champion, having won the long fist and straight sword events in Brazil in 2018, and he placed 5th in the world among professional men in the spear event in Shanghai in 2019. Alex will be teaching non-contact / non-combative elementary kung fu forms through Zoom.

After offering a success Kongfu class in 2021 winter camp via zoom to community families, Alex opened his Saturday Kongfu class to the campers.

To enroll in his Saturday class, please contact him through following Google Form

Kongfu Class with Alex Registration/Cancelling form:

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