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CHEER x PALS STEAM camp day 1 (art portion)

Today (June 19) was the first day of the CHEER x PALS STEAM camp and we had a lot of fun doing arts and crafts with the children. The children did many arts and crafts activities such as Perler beads, origami, and making Paracord bracelets.

The first activity we did was Perler beads. The kids were super patient while meticulously adding beads one by one onto a mold to create a picture. After finishing the picture we ironed the beads to create a full picture. They created many creative and beautiful pieces.

The next activity the children did was folding origami. We taught the kids how to fold origami flowers, but they also taught themselves how to fold many things. These things include envelopes, butterflies, and foxes. Overall the children had a lot of fun folding origami today.

The last art activity we did was creating Paracord bracelets. These are life-saving bracelets given to the military to help them when they are in trouble. The bracelets were both pretty and practical.

We all had a lot of fun today on the first day of the STEAM camp and are excited for the rest of the camp.

Here are some pictures from the art activities today:

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