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Chuck Ponitus Commuter Trail Cleanup

Date: 10/16/2022

Time: 5:00-6:00

Location: Chuck Ponitus Commuter Trail

Host: Alice Chen

This Sunday, we went trail cleaning at the bike trail. We have been here many times before, but since a lot of people come here every day, there is always plenty of trash to be cleaned. Sunday was no different, we were able to fill up many bags during the hour and collected a total of 16.1 pounds of trash. We also had three new members that were able to join our cleanup. We welcome all new members and are glad to see that others are interested in our cause. This cleanup has been a big success. Thank you to all of the families that went and made our community better.

Halfway through! ( From left to right, Janice, Yimeng, Jasper and Emily's dad, Sophia, Albert, Jimmy, Emily, Jasper, Justin, Alice, Willa, Ling, Willa's dad, Danny.)

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