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CLA 2021 National Showcase and Award Ceremony

On Saturday, October 23rd, 9 AM to 1 PM, the Civic Leadership Academy held the 2021 National Showcase and Award Ceremony!

Anthony Le gave a warm Opening & Welcome Remarks. After that, the attendees could choose a breakout room to go to – students showcased the projects they were working on to improve their community.

I visited SnapCivics in Virtual Room 2, a student-run newsletter tailored to the young reader by simplifying complex civics topics through objective and nonpartisan means.

Then, I visited Virtual Room 3, where CAUSE talked about their Energy Upgrade California project, how they increased the inclusion and visibility of the Asian Pacific American (APA) community’s voice, stories, and cultural practices related to energy conservation.

BRAVE’s food support to individuals and families is truly amazing. In addition, the support they provide to the diverse groups of young women and gender-expansive youth is impressive.

In Virtual Room 1, I was able to catch up with the Stand By AAPI Conference presentation. Jason Shan emphasized the importance of Ethnic Studies.

The Public Health Enhancement Project – COVID-19 video creating project – is awe-inspiring as well. It’s great to educate the general public about COVID-related issues.

During Concurrent Session B: Program and Organizations, I was impressed learning about all the organizations and programs.

Dear Asian Youth is a youth-led, global organization that promotes intersectional activism, solidarity with other marginalized communities, and equality and equity.

Ren Li went over the history and goals of UCA IL. She also introduced the UCA IL’s summer leadership project and the missions of the summer program.

Andrew Kim presented how the APAPA is working to raise the collective voices of our AAPI communities. This is a great internship opportunity by APAPA:

The two keynote speakers: Jason Tangco and Jeanette Moy, shared their experience as Asian American Leaders, and they encouraged our young students to step up and grow as leaders to advocate for our Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders community.

SnapCivics and Making Lexington a Better Place won the Project of the Year First Place!

The Rise Together Project won the People’s Choice Award!

Overall, it has been a great experience to learn from other youth leaders and get to know the organizations that empower Asian Pacific Islander communities in civic and public affairs.

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