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CHEER Cleanup Guideline

CHEER youth group leaders are calling for volunteers to work on community clean-up and recycling projects! The goal is to encourage our youth to clean up our community and protect the environment. We will focus on two events:

1. Cleaning up trash in local schools, parks, streets, and other public facilities

2. Recycling water bottles.

Adults and children of any age are welcome to participate in these events and earn community service hours through CHEER.

Attention: All participants/volunteers are responsible for their own safety. CHEER is not responsible for any harm incurred.

CHEER Community Clean-up Project:

  1. CHEER encourages our youth to take turns to host clean-up events. Any family can host a event Event host signup sheet:

  2. Frequency: Events should take place at least once per month. Hosts are welcome to arrange more clean-up events per month if the following requirements are met:

    1. CHEER student volunteers host and fulfill host responsibilities (please see #3 below).

    2. A minimum of 2 families (including the host family) attend the clean-up event.

  3. Host responsibilities:

    1. Choose the cleanup date, time, and place.

    2. Optional: a simple event flyer is recommended (don't post event date as date may change per weather condition). Flyer needs to be loaded into meetup event and also send out to the community.

    3. Inform the cleanup coordinator to come up with cleanup meetup event (date/time, place, things to consider)

    4. Promote this event in different groups to encourage to sign up event through meetup event link.

    5. Lead families to pick up trash in a safe, orderly, and fun manner. The cleanup event is usually 1 hour event. You can arrange fun event afterward, soccer or game and so on.

    6. Keep a record of all participants names and volunteer hours of the event.

    7. Take group photos in the beginning and in the end of each event

    8. Encourage all participants to submit event photo into meetup event.

    9. Collect pictures and write a blog summarizing the event on CHEER’s webpage.

  4. We encourage both parents and children to attend cleanups to make it a fun & meaningful event.

  5. You will get a CHEER T-Shirt as a free gift if you participate in 3 clean-up events.

  6. Things to consider:

    1. Wear close-toed shoes, Bring your own gloves/garden gloves or garbage grabber if you prefer to use your own.

    2. Wear CHEER T-shirts if you have one.

    3. Each family may consider bringing sunscreen, drinks, and hand sanitizer.

    4. If we are walking a trail, please wear shoes that are durable and suitable for clean-up activities.

    5. Each parent is responsible for the safety of their own child, especially when picking up trash on a sidewalk or potentially dangerous area.

    6. If you do not know if something is trash, leave it.

Guideline generated by Olivia Zhao and modified by Holly Wang

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